The WINners Path

The Winners Path is WIN Calgarys commitment to develop and implement an intentional & systematic program of Assimilation, Discipleship, & Leadership Development. Where individuals who come to WIN Calgary will become part of the church life and mature into fruitful followers of Jesus Christ.


Stages of Winners’ Path

1. Bridge the Lost – our members & ministries are encouraged to connect with and develop relationships with the lost and unchurched with the goal of ultimately leading them to Christ. Our cell groups & ministries are encouraged to develop & implement bridgeactivities that will enable them to connect with the lost & unchurched. We look to all our congregational activities & programs (Worship Services, Anniversary Celebrations, Special Activities, Cell Group Meetings) as bridge activities to connect the unsaved & unchurched to the Lord.

2. Belong to a Community – as individuals come to Christ & join the church, our desire is they become part of the community and assimilate into church life. They also come to an understanding of the importance of belonging to a local church and the need to grow spiritually. We want them to build meaningful relationships with other members of WIN Calgary. We host a Welcome Party to introduce them to WIN Calgary, and our target is that within 3 months of joining the church, they are part of a Cell Group or ministry.

3. Believe in Christ – our goal in this stage is to help individuals get rooted in their faith as they understand more the basic doctrines of their faith, we offer a basic growth module called iGrow (6 weeks) & a Basic Doctrines Course called iBelieve (8 weeks) to help them fully grasp their faith. If not yet baptized, we want to seem them baptized by this stage.

4. Become A Disciple – the individual is introduced to the Biblical concept of discipleship (Following Jesus) and is now hopefully involved & serving in one of the ministries of the church and is actively reaching out to the lost & unchurched with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. An 8 -10 week Discipleship module called iFollow is offered for those who are interested in the practical side of following Jesus. Also, for those who are interested in serving in the various ministries of the church (P&W, Kids, Creative Arts, DanceWorship, Prayer, Outreach, Media, Cell Group Leadership), individual equipping seminars are done through the various ministries.

5. Build the Kingdom – this is the Leadership Development stage of the path, & the goal is to help emerging & existing leaders in the church develop their gifts by equipping them for their calling. An 8-10 week foundational leadership module called iServe is being developed for this segment of the path. Also, special seminars & classes (NT Survey, Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Counselling) will be offered for those who seek to be further equipped for the calling & work of servant leadership. These classes may involve other speakers from other churches & ministries.